Composite Mixes (2009)

by Ross Birdwise



Composite Mixes (2009)

This is an EP where I recorded a solo improvisor playing in a naturally resonant space and recorded them with multiple microphones and recording devices of varying qualities and types. I then created ‘composite mix’ of that single soloist by splicing together the various recordings sourced from the different microphones and devices. I wanted to create a ‘cubist’ audio portrait of that soloist, mixing together multiple spatial, temporal and technological perspectives on the same performance event. The work is about the spatiotemporal nature of live musical performance (a real-time event), documentation (recording), and post-production (studio manipulation). I was also interested in notions of authorship, and whether or not a producer could also be seen as an artist, in this case, a maker of cubist audio portraits of improvisors. I view my fellow solo improvisors as collaborators in this portraiture process, as each move they made as in improvisor had an effect on their self-presentation. In some pieces, I feel the pieces are more them than me, in others, more me than them.

Composite 1   (with Torsten Müller – house, contrabass)
Composite 2   (with Daniel Carkner – apartment, tsimbl)
Composite 3   (with Poib Fehr – stairwell, djembe, assorted objects)
Composite 4   (with Joe Rzemieniak – stairwell, Bb trumpet)
Composite 5   (with Torsten Müller – house, contrabass)
Composite 6   (with Poib Fehr – stairwell, guitar, assorted objects)


released January 22, 2013



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Ross Birdwise Vancouver, British Columbia

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